Incredibly Independent. GEERO 2

Incredibly Independent. GEERO 2

It's finally here - the new generation of our already great e-bikes. Geero 2 offers you exactly the features you have been waiting for.

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Removable battery

Removable battery

The removable battery with a total of 444 Wh developed specifically for Geero uses the same battery cells that were primarily developed for Tesla. You can comfortably charge your Geero at any socket without having to transport the entire bike.

Positioning of the motor

Positioning of the motor

Geero's heart, i.e. its specially made BOS motor, was placed exactly where it is needed. On one hand, this guarantees maximum efficiency and, on the other hand, this positioning protects the drive components such as gears and chain.

We say goodbye </br> and you say hello!

We say goodbye
and you say hello!

To make room in our warehouse we're reducing the price of our Geero 1 models. Grab your Geero 1 at an over €800 discount!

Yup, I need one!

Has something changed?

Yes. Optimised at exactly the right places, the Geero 2 offers you proven Geero technology supplemented with new innovative features.

  • Removable battery


    The removable battery makes you independent and flexible.

  • Geero saddle


    The timeless, simple retro design convinces with its elegant vintage colours.

  • Powerful BOS Motor


    The Panasonic battery and powerful BOS motor are invisibly built into the frame.

  • Geero 2 LCD display


    Despite all the power under the saddle, the Geero still rides like a normal bike.

The Geero Story

The Geero Story

What started in 2016 as the project of two brothers has gained an international reputation. Geero has conquered new markets; where the team and its network of partners are continuously expanded.

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Your story

Hannas Story

Faithful companion

I love this bike because it looks fantastic and is great to ride. I use it to go to work every day and I like to go on city trips in my free time; my Geero is also ideal for this. Last summer I cycled from Füssen to Merano (that's 250 km!).

Soerens Story

Sporty and chic

I was looking for a light, sporty bike and found it in Geero. Magnificent workmanship, light, very good operating concept, great driving characteristics both with and without motor support and at a very good price / performance ratio. A real relief in daily use. An absolute must buy! I am still completely satisfied after one year of use.

Bob und Steves Story

Geero electrifies

The e-bike opens up new freedom in terms of urban mobility. Fast, chic and it keeps you fit. Geero has been my daily companion for over a year, who reliably brings me to university or work and always puts a smile on my face.

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