E-Mobility for Your company

E-mobility, but especially micromobility, is becoming increasingly important.
Especially on short journeys in urban areas, it is worth leaving the car behind and relying on efficient, environmentally friendly and health-promoting means of transport. Be it on the way to work or for business meetings: Geero e-bikes offer you a sensible alternative for your company's mobility needs.

As an Austrian e-bike manufacturer, promoting micromobility is particularly important to us. In 2016, the Geero e-bike was born from the minds of the Styrian founding brothers Michael and Thomas Rath and has been continuously developed since then. The lightweight Pedelecs combine chic retro design with innovative technology. Geero e-bikes are handmade in Austria. Each bike is built with great attention to detail in our e-bike factory.

Find out more about the special features of our e-bikes and watch the Geero story.

The advantages at a glance

  • Austrian produced
  • Time efficiency (no traffic jams, no searching for a parking space)
  • Environmental protection
  • Health promotion
  • Space-saving storage
  • State funding

Fleet of e-bikes

Having your own e-bike fleet offers added value to both your company and your employees. In addition to the environmental factor and the increase in efficiency, you also strengthen employee loyalty. You also offer your employees a health-promoting opportunity to get around.

Whether it’s a full fleet or just a few e-bikes – we’ll be happy to create a suitable offer for your company. Depending on the desired quantity, we offer you attractive discount conditions and an individual design in your corporate branding.

Thanks to the test rides and advice offered by our Geero experts in Austria and Germany, you and your employees can test our bikes extensively in advance.

Please send us the following data to office@geero.bike to create a tailor-made offer:

  • Company, contact person, address and contact details
  • Desired quantity
  • Do you need accessories such as bicycle locks, helmets, etc?
  • Other requests, e.g. exclusive service packages or branding options

Smart financing: e-bike leasing

The topic of e-bike leasing is on everyone’s lips. More and more companies are offering their employees alternative means of transport for work and leisure. Including electric bikes like our Geero e-bike.

The company bike is one of the most popular benefits, and with good reason: If you lease an e-bike, you save money, stay fit and travel sustainably. Our Geero e-bikes are also available through various leasing providers.

Leasing provider

In Austria, we offer company bike leasing together with bike leasing.
In Germany, we work with the providers JobRad Deutschland and Businessbike.

Are you interested in the financing model for e-bike leasing? You can find all further details here.

Funding opportunities for companies in Austria

Austrian companies receive government funding for the purchase of e-bikes, subject to certain conditions. The “Funding campaign for e-bikes and (e-)transport bikes for companies 2023” in Austria enables companies to purchase several e-bikes at a reduced price.

The essentials in brief:

  • The purchase of e-bikes that are powered exclusively by electricity from renewable energy sources is supported.
  • The funding is possible for companies who order 5 or more e-bikes - you will then receive a discount of € 150.00 per bike from us (as a sports retailer).

The currently valid funding conditions always apply.

Let's talk

Are you interested in an individual e-mobility offer for your company? We would be happy to advise you personally!

Email office@geero.bike
Hotline 0800 55 66 40 517