A Geero E-bike for a good cause

Geero founder Thomas Rath wielded the pen and immortalised his technical sketches on a Geero e-bike frame. The proceeds from the hand-painted E-Bike benefit families in need.

Real engineering ART

A total of 20 hours of loving handwork went into painting the Geero e-bike. Geero founder Thomas Rath tells the story of the creation and further development of the Geero e-bike in detailed technical sketches directly on the frame of the bike.

“I expressed the technical development of the Geero e-bike artistically, so engineering meets art. For connoisseurs, there are also little anecdotes hidden in the design. I just say: 1.21 gigawatts,” says Thomas Rath.

You bid, we donate!

As part of the anniversary auction to mark 50 years of light in the dark, the proceeds from the Geero E-Bike with its unique design will benefit families and children in need as well as people with disabilities.

Unique piece from regional production

The Geero 2 E-Bike designed by Thomas Rath is a Geero 2 Original with that certain something. The hand-painted e-bike is a truly unique piece from Styrian production!

Technical data:

  • Frame size 54, for heights 170 cm to 185 cm
  • Removable battery, 444 Wh
  • BOS rear hub motor, 250 watts
  • 5 support levels up to 25 km/h
  • 9-speed gears
  • Disc brake