The Geero Story

From the barn into the spotlight

The vision of this revolutionary e-bike

What started as a vision in the minds of the two Rath brothers Michael and Tomy was implemented in "Geero" after more than a year of designing, tinkering, developing, prototype testing and further development. The result was a sophisticated and well-thought-out bike, which thanks to its novel design represented the next stage in the evolution of e-bikes and was simply unbeatable in terms of price and appearance - and still is. In 2016 they actually "reinvented the wheel" and Geero 1 was launched as an "original" diamond frame version in black and beige and immediately found fans and sales.

What makes Geero special?

With Geero, an e-bike was created that had never been seen before in terms of performance, but also in terms of simplicity and ease of use. From the start, the focus was on simple maintenance and minimising any loss of power due to heat. So finally the development of the electrical system began, which was intentionally not integrated into the engine, but built into the seat tube.

Only then did they devote themselves to the design and “hiding” of the components in the simple retro frame or the rear wheel hub. Said components, in turn, had to be developed especially for the Geero, since the world market had nothing comparable or usable to offer.

And the wheel keeps turning

Since the launch in 2016, the e-bikes have been continuously improved and the product range adapted to the different needs of the target groups - the feedback from existing customers, as well as the wishes of those interested, have been incorporated into the further development of the range from the start. A low entry model and various superstructures became an integral part of the Geero family.

In June 2020, Geero 2, the long-awaited new improvement in handling and technology was released. A proven simple design and low weight but with removable power battery make the Geero 2 the new flagship of the brand. The evolution of the revolution, so to speak.

What makes the "Geero" brand so special?

Geero is not just an e-bike among many. There is so much more to it than just another product on the market. Behind Geero are two well-known Austrian companies, Bikee and niceshops, which have combined their respective core competencies to form a stable and innovative brand.

"Made with Love in Austria" accompanies every one of our movements and therefore every single one of our bikes. The love for bicycles but also for our work are essential components of both company philosophies. Regulated processes, precise work, but also a sensational and relaxed working atmosphere characterise our company.

We love, what we do. Every day.

Geero has continuously conquered new markets and countries since 2016. As the brand grows, the team around development, assembly, sales, management, marketing and internationalisation continues to grow. Nevertheless, all of these processes are carried out in Austria and do not have to be outsourced. So what you get is an honest piece of passion from Austria with love - directly from us for you without hidden costs or detours via third parties.


Of course, we don't want to withhold the unique Geero driving fun from anyone, but we don't want you to buy without knowing what you are getting. That's why you can meet us at seasonal trade fairs and specialist events or visit us in our approx. 80 m2 Geero showroom at Reitschulgasse 5 in Graz, get advice and of course test our bikes. We are also continuously expanding our test drive network. At more than 35 locations in Austria and Germany, our trained brand ambassadors provide you with your bike free of charge and without obligation and are available to answer questions about Geero.