Warranty & guarantee

Warranty Geero

These warranty provisions apply in addition to the terms and conditions of niceshops and take precedence in the case of different regulations.

For all e-bikes of the Geero brand, we, niceshops GmbH, guarantee that the product at the time of delivery (delivery or collection) corresponds to the purchase contract, ie in particular the technical description. We want to give you the best possible satisfaction when handling warranty cases and give you a brief overview of the legal basis with references to the legal provisions below. This information does not replace sound legal advice.

The warranty period is two years from delivery (§ 933 ABGB). After this period, you can only claim defects (damage, errors, defects, etc.) directly from the manufacturer as part of the manufacturer's guarantee (see guarantee). We, therefore, recommend that you check the product for damage or defects, in particular for transport damage, as soon as it is handed over and notify us of this in writing as soon as possible (contact details see below).

If defects occur within the first 6 months after delivery, it is assumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery, unless this is incompatible with the type of defect. After this period, you have to prove that the defect already existed at the time of delivery (§ 924 ABGB).

We accept no liability for defects and damage that occur subsequently, in particular as a result of unauthorised changes by you (such as conversions, additions, improper repairs), incorrect operation, accidents and the like.

As part of the warranty, we undertake the improvement by repairing or replacing the defective component or the entire Geero. If both forms of improvement were disproportionately expensive for us, we can reject them. Instead of the improvement, you will receive a reasonable price reduction. If the defects are not minor, you can request the termination of the purchase contract instead of the price reduction (§ 932 ABGB).

For repairs under warranty, we guarantee the use of original spare parts and - if these are no longer (available) - equivalent and cost-neutral components.

The natural wear of the bike (and its wear parts) through normal use, rain, water, dirt or dust is not covered by the warranty. The following components are wearing parts whose natural wear and tear are excluded from the warranty if used and maintained properly:

  • Handles and saddle
  • Pedals, chain, chainring, cassette, rear derailleur, brake pads
  • Tires and rims
  • All rotating parts that are affected by mechanical wear and/or contain bearings
  • The coating of the frame.

To claim repairs within the warranty period, you must return the Geero to us. With the return label provided by us from our shipping partners (Post AG, DHL) you do not bear any costs for the return. You can get detailed information about the return from us or on our website.

In order to be able to help you with delivery damage and warranty cases as quickly as possible, we ask you to send us a detailed description of the error and, if possible, photo and video material.

You can reach us using the following contact details:

Free hotline
Tel 0800 55 66 40 517
Hotline times: Mon - Thu from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Fri from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Email: office@geero.bike

Manufacturer's guarantee

The Geero is an e-bike produced to the highest standards that you will enjoy for many years. For a long shelf life, we recommend regular maintenance, especially of the moving parts. You can find all information on this in our instructions for use, which is sent to every Geero on delivery.

If your questions are not answered adequately in the instructions for use, we are happy to help you by phone (free of charge from AT and DE at: 0800 55 66 40 517) or by email (at: office@geero.bike).

In addition to the seller's legal guarantee, we also assume the following voluntary manufacturer's guarantee for the frame:

- For the frame (shape stability, breakage, cracks and the like), the warranty period is 5 years from delivery.

The guarantee expires if the damage to the frame is caused by incorrect storage or operating errors, improper repairs, accidents or the like.

The prerequisite for asserting the manufacturer's guarantee is the transmission of the invoice and a precise description of the defect.

Contact details:
Geero GmbH
Saaz 99
A-8341 Paldau