Would you like to lease your Geero? No problem!

As an employee or self-employed person, there is the option of leasing bikes as company bikes and/or for private use.

Here you will find the most important facts about leasing in connection with Geero.

Which leasing providers does Geero work with?

For our customers in Germany:
We work together with the provider Businessbike.

For our customers in Austria:
We work together with the provider Bikeleasing.

We only cooperate with the leasing providers mentioned above. Unfortunately, leasing via other providers is currently not possible.

How can I lease my bike through one of the leasing providers?

If you have decided to lease, we ask you to send an e-mail with the following data to our e-mail address office@geero.bike:

  • Your data (name, address, telephone number)
  • Your desired model and any desired accessories that you would like to lease.

It would also be important for us to know which lock you would like to lease.
(A lock must also be leased subject to a contract.)

You can find all our locks in our accessories category.

We will then inform you as soon as possible about further procedures.

Do you need more information?

If you still need general information about leasing, please contact the relevant leasing provider directly.

If you need information about the process or the current status of your lease with Geero, please contact our customer support.

You can reach us at:

Free hotline: 0800 55 66 40 517
Hotline times: Mon - Thu: 09:00 - 16:00, Fri: 09:00 - 14:00
Email: global@geero.bike