What makes Geero so special?

Small differences - big impact!

From a rough sketch to the details

With Geero, an e-bike was born that had never existed in terms of performance, but also simplicity. Above all, simple maintenance and the minimization of any power loss due to heat were the focus right from the start. So Michael and Tomy Rath did not start with the "obvious" - the design - but with the development of the electrical system, which they deliberately did not integrate into the motor, but ultimately installed in the seat tube. So the problem of heat dissipation was solved and at the same time, simple maintenance was guaranteed.

Form follows function - at least on the timeline

It was only after the development of electronics that the next step was design. The goal was to make Geero optically indistinguishable from a "normal" bike. The electrical wires, but also the battery and the motor, should be integrated into the design of the retro-bikes almost invisibly. So the lines were integrated into the frame, the battery camouflaged itself in the down tube and the motor was hidden in the rear hub. Many components had to be specially designed for Geero, as there was nothing comparable or usable on the market.

Be up to every situation

Geero is rounded off by the simplicity of the look, but also in the operation. Three levels of assistance that you can choose according to your needs will allow you to ride a relaxed bike even on longer trips - be it uphill or downhill - and simply enjoy the beauty of nature and outdoor exercise. All in all, every Geero is a sophisticated whole that guarantees pure cycling pleasure with, but also without motor assistance!