Your First Ladies E-Bike: Tips For Your Purchase

Your First Ladies E-Bike: Tips For Your Purchase

Should I buy an e-bike? With this blog article, we want to help women answer this very question satisfactorily. And if the answer is "yes", immediately give you a few recommendations for your purchase.

If you've opened this article, you're probably toying with the idea of switching to - or rather, upgrading to - an electric-powered bike! But since it is a big investment, such a decision should be well thought out.

In this article, we dedicate ourselves specifically to e-bikes for women. Although our Geero e-bikes were consciously designed unisex and can of course be driven by all. From conversations with customers, however, we have learned that many women have special cycling needs or requirements for their e-bike that we would like to take into account when advising them.

What a women's e-bike should do


The first question to ask: What do I want to use my bike for? Do I need it primarily for commuting to work and running errands around town? Or do I have extensive bike tours planned?

Some models are better suited for sporty cycling, while others are "urbanites" through and through. Gravel roads and uneven terrain pose different challenges to the tires and equipment of the bike than asphalt roads.

Do you prefer to curve through the (big) city jungle? A good City e-bike for women is compact, comfortable and can be equipped with all kinds of practical accessories: e.g. a luggage rack, baskets and bike bags for transporting shopping or mudguards to protect your clothes from dirt and splashing water.

The Geero 2+ City is our most popular city runabout and optimal for paved, hard-surfaced roads. The seating position is rather upright, slightly tilted forward and the curved handlebars provide additional stability.


Especially for women, the weight of the bike is a crucial factor when buying. An e-bike for women should remain suitable for everyday use even with attachments. After all, you do not want it to be a chore when you carry your bike twice a day from the bike cellar and into the stairwell of your office! That's why we have developed our E-Bikes as slim and material-saving as possible: with the result that the women's e-bikes are real lightweights at under 20 kg.

At 19.6 kg, the Geero 2 City-Comfort is quite a lightweight e-bike for ladies.


Do you ride 5 or 50 km to work? Do you use your e-bike daily or mainly for weekly shopping? And do you cruise on level ground or are there several climbs involved? All this influences the requirements for your ladies e-bike.

The battery of our Geero bikes has a capacity of 444 Wh. With a full charge, you can get up to 100 km far. However, the actual range always depends on many factors: such as riding style, load and terrain. Tip: In the range calculator from The Cycleverse, you can calculate an approximate guide value.

Also, in addition to the capacity of the battery, the efficiency of the motor also plays a role. If you know that you will use your e-bike mainly in flat areas, a rear-wheel motor (also called a hub motor) is the best choice. This protects the chain and is somewhat smaller and quieter than a mid-motor, which in turn performs better on steeper inclines.

One point that was important to us in the development of our Geero bikes is the good freewheel. This means that your electric women's bike can be ridden even without or with an empty battery well - like a normal bike. This allows you to switch between riding with and without battery support, depending on the incline and individual effort on the route. And should you ever have a longer stage ahead of you, you can also simply pack a second battery and change along the way.


Keyword: brakes! These should do their job without ifs and buts. After all, you might not only be transporting yourself but also have another passenger in the child seat.

There are different types of brakes, which are differently suited for different applications. Rim brakes are the "classics" and are used on many first-generation e-bikes, in part because of their retro look. Newer models, such as the Geero 2 series, usually have hydraulic brakes, as these grip even better with more weight, and are easier to apply and "dose."


Let's face it: functionality isn't everything. The look also counts when buying an e-bike for women. Our conversations with customers have shown that many women are considering the purchase of an e-bike, but are not convinced by the existing designs. The most frequently mentioned factor is the very technical, clunky look of many e-bikes, which is not to their liking. Many prospective customers want an electric bike that is not only maneuverable in city traffic, but also elegant and feminine.

Best score for chic looks: Our retro e-bike City-Comfort "Cream" + was awarded the German Design Award 2023.


Not least, the e-bike purchase is a question of price. Upwards, prices for electric bikes are almost open. From too cheap special offers, however, you should also take distance, because there are usually inferior parts installed, which wear out quickly. An option to save money on the initial purchase is the purchase of a Women's e-bikes on sale. Here it is best to pay attention to how many kilometres the bike has cycled and buy at a specialty store that tests the battery performance in advance. (Used Geero e-bikes you can find heavily reduced in our Outlet.)

Finding the right women's e-bike: Checklist

The purchase of an e-bike comes with some considerations. Here are once again the most important points summarised to help you with the decision:

Application: Shopping, sports, kindergarten cab or commute to work? That determines the type and equipment of the suitable e-bike.

Weight: Can you lift the bike on your own and carry it up and down some steps? 20 kg is considered a guideline that a women's e-bike suitable for everyday use should not exceed.

Range: The battery capacity alone says little, so always have the quality of the installed motor and your own driving behaviour in mind.

Safety: Safety first! In any case, look for excellent brakes that perform well on the respective terrain with the weight you are carrying.

Design: Design is, of course, also important when it comes to your bike. Because you will only really enjoy riding if you also like the look of your e-bike.

Price: A good mid-range is recommended, so as not to incur expenses or save money in the wrong place. Possible compromise: a used ladies' e-bike.

Our tip: Just take a test ride!

There are quite a few online tools that recommend size, frame height, inch, model, etc. to you. This can provide a good orientation, but nothing beats a good old test ride. Just get on and start cycling: How do I feel on my e-bike? How are posture and seating position? How well does the bike pick up speed and how quickly does it decelerate? How precisely can it be steered? All of this is important in deciding whether an e-bike will become your e-bike.

Fancy a test ride on one of the Geero women's e-bikes? View locations right now and make an appointment.

In our Geero e-bike store in Graz, we offer you advice, a test ride and service all in one location. This means that if you fall in love with one of our models, you can buy it directly, have it adjusted to you personally and ride it home.

If you are an employee or self-employed person, you can also conveniently lease our Geero bikes. You can find all the information here: Geero e-bike leasing