Beautifully Mobile – In Every Situation

Beautifully Mobile – In Every Situation

Have you ever dreamed of being able to ride your bike quickly and easily through the city, save time and do your errands without stress? Or driving to the office while getting some fresh air? Yes, but what about that huge hill that always drags along on the way home? And I don't have a shower facility when I arrive at the office? And what if...?

The Geero City E-Bike could be the answer to your dreams. It offers a natural, safe riding experience and ensures that you can do much more with your bike than you thought you could. Expand your horizons by cycling, beat the fast-paced everyday life and travel effortlessly to work or shopping.

Create new possibilities and discover what you can do with your Geero City e-bike and what advantages it offers you.

In the fast lane

No matter what your daily plan looks like - driving to work, running errands, exploring your surroundings - with your Geero City e-bike you can get from A to B faster and more effortlessly. Rush hour traffic, looking for a parking space, etc. no longer stress you out or rob you of time. At the same time, you are doing something for your fitness and protecting the environment.

Longer distances no longer slow you down

Do you have to crisscross the city for your daily to-dos? No worries. Drive comfortably from your children's school, to work, to the supermarket, back home and anywhere. With the Geero City e-bike, you sit comfortably in the saddle and decide for yourself whether you want electrical support or use your e-bike as a normal bike. The big advantage of Geero e-bikes is that you don't feel any resistance even with the motor deactivated. In so-called “freewheeling” it feels as if you were riding a conventional bicycle.

Simply functional, functionally simple

With a Geero City model, assembling baskets, side bags and child seats is a home game. And by the way, Geero has a small but fine selection of bags etc.
This means you can load your bike without slowing down on the way home. And no reason to shorten your to-do list or plan multiple trips. With your e-bike, you can easily transport more. Geero e-bikes are also light. This makes it easier to get it out and put it back in the bike cellar or in your bike parking space.

With safety in mind

Geero City models are equipped with mudguards and this expands your freedom of action enormously. Short errands in wind and weather are no longer an issue. And because safety is everything: whether you are traveling alone or with your child – your Geero City e-bike has disc brakes. This means shorter braking distances and good braking effect even in wet conditions. In addition: Thanks to the permanently installed lighting system (rear and front) with reflectors on the tires and in the spokes, you can see well, or be seen, even in the dark. The lighting system is powered by the battery and the light is effortlessly operated via the display.

Act proactively for the “big picture”

E-bikes are part of the climate and environmentally-friendly mobility transition. By assuming our ecological responsibility, we create a future for our future generations. With an e-bike from Geero you too can contribute. Geero is an Austrian company based in southern Styria and can proudly claim that its high-quality e-bikes are produced in Austria and in an environmentally friendly manner. Geero has the components developed specifically for the brand manufactured by market-leading production teams and expertly combines them in Styria to form the “bigger whole”.

Stylish eye-catcher

With Geero e-bikes you are always well dressed. The clean, puristic design and a pleasant but not too intrusive retro touch - these are the unmistakable visual characteristics of all Geero bikes, which means they don't look like typical e-bikes. The hidden and easily removable battery and the whisper-quiet motor further reinforce this impression.

Save on deodorant

It's often underestimated, but who likes to sweat or arrive at their destination with sweat stains? No matter how many inclines you have to overcome on your route or how far it is to get to the office, school, kindergarten or wherever, switch on the electric support - without breaking a sweat.

Little joyrides

Nothing stands in the way of your spontaneity: Explore new streets, bike paths or parks in your area without worrying about the limits of your fitness. With your Geero e-bike you can go further than you thought. Would you like to socialise in a relaxed manner? Whether for trips or meeting friends: the Geero City e-bike is ideal for getting out and about in the evening. Thanks to the easy operation - without having to use an app to get started - you can travel stress-free. And as already mentioned: thanks to the lighting system, “see and be seen” also applies in the dark.

La vita è bella

We just often don't have the perspective for it. Or the time. When you're out and about with your Geero e-bike, you have a view of the small, beautiful things along the way, so to speak. You don't have eyes for that when you're confined to your car or panting up a hill. Give moments of pleasure more chances in your life.