Geero-fit for the E-Bike season

Geero-fit for the E-Bike season

A Geero e-bike is always in season. But if you gave it a winter break or even if you braved the cold season and were out and about on your e-bike: There are a few things to consider for your personal start to the season and to give your Pedelec a comprehensive check. Sounds complicated? Not at all. The following tips and tricks do not require rocket science-level expertise or expensive special tools. Of course, you don't have to do the technical part of your all-round check yourself, keyword: specialist workshop.

Your Geero Pedelec also offers many other advantages - not only, but also for the start of the season. See for yourself!

Basic cleaning – well cared for drives even better

Did you put your Pedelec away for the winter but gave it a thorough cleaning beforehand? That was prescient! Nevertheless, it may have collected dust over time. And don't forget those of you who haven't been deterred from driving in the winter by cold, snow and wet conditions. A little cleaning and care for your e-bike is generally beneficial. For basic cleaning, you simply need water, a cleaning cloth, some kitchen roll and a care product. Suitable care products are available in retail stores and of course also at Geero. For these products and their easy use click here. The big advantage of these care products? You can use it to clean the frame and chain of your Geero e-bike.

Important professional tip: Steam jets and high-pressure cleaners are not suitable for cleaning e-bikes! Why? These devices attack the electric motor, hubs, etc. Water gets in during cleaning, which in the worst case can result in a total electrical failure. In addition, the use of steam jets and high-pressure cleaners can cause rust to form.

The chain – It runs like clockwork

The chain of your Geero e-bike also needs care. This is the only way to ensure smooth functionality over the long term. After cleaning, you should definitely grease the chain with fresh oil. The following applies: less is more. When lubricating your chain, don't overdo it. You can also find chain oil at Geero.

Braking – Intentional standstill

Geero Pedelecs have hydraulic disc brakes. This means shorter braking distances and good braking effect even in wet conditions. What should you pay attention to when checking your brakes? The brake pad on the brake shoes should still be there. If the brake pads are completely worn out, i.e. metal rubs against metal, the brake discs will wear out more quickly and you may incur avoidable additional costs. You can also easily check the brake settings yourself: pull on both steering brake handles. Is the voltage the same for both? That's how it should be. For example, if the brakes are already too worn, the tension on the steering brake handles also decreases and comes very close to the handles when tightened. This means full braking performance is no longer guaranteed and only a specialist workshop can help.

Tires – Pressure and tread are important

If your Pedelec has been in hibernation, the tires may have lost some air. This is completely normal and quickly resolved. Every Geero tire has an indication of the minimum and maximum tire pressure on the side. Of course, tire pressure also depends on your e-bike model. Do you own a City or Touring model? Here we recommend between 3.5 and 5 bar. For the Geero original models, the tire pressure should be higher, at 5 to 6.5 bar. The appropriate pressure also depends on your body weight and the things you are transporting. The more weight, the more tire pressure.

When it comes to tire tread, it is important to check the tread and side surfaces of the tires. Both should be the same depth. If both are heavily worn – change tires!

Seat Height – your body thanks you

A correctly adjusted, comfortable seat height is crucial for your driving pleasure. Who wants to risk knee and back problems? You can easily adjust the right seat height yourself. Important to know: When you kick, your knee should never be completely straight, but rather slightly bent in the lowest position. How do you best achieve this? Here's a professional trick: put your pedal in the lowest position and place your heel on it. To do this, your leg must be stretched. But when you put your leg in position for the ride, i.e. on the front part of your foot, you bend your leg slightly. And voilà, you have the correct sitting position.

To visualise the steps just mentioned and for more details, watch this video:

Service – Your e-bike in good hands

You can simply have the points mentioned in the introduction - apart from basic cleaning - carried out in a specialist workshop of your choice and of course directly from Geero with a service. Attachments such as the chain, frame and sprockets are professionally cleaned, screws are tightened, the chain is lubricated, the tire pressure is checked and more. The big advantage? The professional recognizes possible defects and defects on your e-bike much faster and better.

To do this, contact the Graz E-Bike Store directly in Austria. Independent of Geero, there is also the Bikerepair service. Here you can find bicycle repair shops near you to arrange a service appointment.

In Germany, we work with our official Geero partner Yeply, who is the contact point for services. Yeply is a mobile bicycle workshop that carries out small repairs or services on your Geero e-bike directly at your location.

You can find all the details about service and repairs on our homepage in the “Interesting information” section.

Gears – Just get going

Checking the gear settings is part of the all-round check. All you need to do is shift all gears up and down once during a short ride and see if they run smoothly. If yes: perfect. If the gears cause difficulties: It's good that you didn't just notice it while driving out.

The setting of your gears needs to be adjusted? In this video, you will find useful tips. The professional in the specialist workshop is responsible for repairs to the gears of your Geero e-bike.

Battery – Please charge!

This point is short but important if tomorrow is the big day for your start to the e-bike season. Because then you should fully charge the battery today and get it ready for your first ride.

Good tip: The battery should be charged in a dry environment and at room temperature.

Lighting – Visibility at any time of day

It cannot be emphasised often enough: good visibility is extremely important for your safety and that of other road users. Therefore, clean the headlights and reflectors of your e-bike regularly. By the way: Geero models without a permanently installed lighting system can easily be equipped with high-quality plug-in lights, such as the Sigma Sport light set AURA 30+ Curve.

Safety – A helmet is useful as long as it protects

Speaking of safety: Have you had your bike helmet for a while and are wondering whether it still offers enough protection? Helmet material fatigues over time. As a rule of thumb - depending on use and stress - you should replace your bicycle helmet approximately every five years. As manufacturers continually develop their helmets, new head protection not only offers a safe ride but often also means more comfort. At Geero you will also find a small but fine selection in stylish, unobtrusive designs.

Important to know: After a fall, the head protection should definitely be replaced with a new one. Invisible damage such as hairline cracks may have occurred on your helmet and as a result, protection is no longer fully guaranteed.

Spare parts & additional equipment – ​​Well equipped for every situation

Would you like to take advantage of the warmer temperatures to run errands with your Pedelec? Your Geero e-bike is designed so that bicycle baskets, bags and – now new to the range – lockable luggage rack tour boxes can be mounted easily and effortlessly. Do you also need accessories such as bicycle locks or cleaning and care products? At Geero you get everything in one without having to visit many different specialist stores.

Also good to know: All spare parts are available at Geero. Have you been riding your e-bike for so long that you need new pedals? Or would you like to buy a second battery for particularly long bike tours? No matter what you need, click here and you will find it.

Style – Cheers to the onion look

Whenever you start your personal e-bike season: the right clothing is the be-all and end-all, although breathable clothing is always recommended. If there are major temperature fluctuations during the day and evening, such as in spring and autumn, you should use the so-called “onion look”, i.e. several layers of clothing, with the first layer, in particular, being breathable.

Fitness, health & environment – ​​The time is now

Many bikers prefer to cycle when it is nice and pleasantly warm outside. Driving - if necessary - with a motorised tailwind is not only fun but at the same time you are doing something for your fitness and health as well as for the environment. So it’s a clear win-win-win situation. Cycling is one of the healthiest sports of all. It strengthens your immune system and general physical condition, gets your cardiovascular system going and much more. E-biking is also a sport. Just half an hour of quiet cycling every day will help you build muscle and reduce your weight slowly and sustainably.

Anyone who tours with their e-bike also makes a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection. It has been scientifically proven that e-bikes are very energy efficient and, thanks to their much lower CO2 emissions, are significantly more climate-friendly and environmentally friendly than cars and buses. For more information on the topic see here.

Together, instead of alone – Socialising on the wheel of time

Good relationships happen by themselves? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that? With your e-bike you can maintain relationships and strengthen your social life. Whether you're going on bike tours with the family, spontaneously cycling to meet up with friends or simply impressing your date with your environmentally conscious, casual Geero e-bike in a puristic retro look: your Pedelec won't let you down and also offers you the opportunity to be flexible and... to remain independent in your leisure activities.

Availability – No waiting for Godot

Don't have an e-bike yet and want to get one? But you're worried about a long delivery time? Not so with Geero. Good advance planning makes it possible. The Geero warehouse is well stocked because we produce our e-bikes regularly. That's why we can guarantee you short delivery times. And your ordered e-bike will be delivered directly to your home within the specified time. You can also have your Geero e-bike delivered fully assembled for an additional charge of 99 euros. This service only applies within Austria.

Or you can do it yourself. With the helpful tips in our YouTube video, you can set it up very easily.

Test drives

An e-bike is of course a major purchase and needs to be thought through. At Geero you have the opportunity to find out more detailed information online or in person - directly on our homepage or live in the Graz e-bike store.

You don't just want to look, but also want to put it to the test? Test drives are possible in your area, both in Austria and Germany.