Healthy reasons to switch to an E-Bike

Healthy reasons to switch to an E-Bike

When it comes to the suitability of e-bikes for fitness and health, there are still stubborn reservations and prejudices - despite the large number of recognized scientific studies. E-biking would only be for those who are comfortable, it is not sporty, it is not strenuous, and much more. We're not the first and we won't be the last, but we want to clear that up. Because there are many good and, above all, important reasons to get on your Geero e-bike and just start cycling.

The fact is, …

that everyone needs exercise. Yes, that's pretty obvious. But still: those who exercise regularly are proven to be less likely to get sick and feel more balanced, happier and more relaxed. Exercise gets your cardiovascular system going, strengthens your immune system and general physical condition, helps burn fat, and so on. Oh yes, exercise actually makes you smarter. Those who exercise regularly increase their cognitive performance. After exercising, our ability to concentrate is better and we can solve complex tasks more easily.

Knowing is one thing, acting on it is another

Even though we all know (well enough...) how important exercise is for the body, mind and psyche, we don't always easily incorporate it into our everyday lives. There are many reasons for that. Lack of time, tiredness, listlessness, the weather is not right, physical complaints, or simply the feeling that you are no longer as agile as you were a few years ago. Don't worry, this isn't some schoolmasterly swinging of the moral club. Let those of us who have never put forward any of the reasons mentioned cast the first stone. And of course it makes a difference whether a lack of motivation or physical pain is responsible for a lack of exercise. And this is where the e-bike comes into play. Riding an electric bike not only promotes a long-term desire for exercise, but is also ideal for fitness and health and proves to be optimal support even after operations. But what exactly do these advantages of e-biking look like?

The power of motivation

As mentioned, there are a number of studies that prove the benefits of e-bikes for fitness and health - for every age group. The following was published in the renowned European Journal of Applied Physiology. Researchers at the American University of Colorado have looked into the question of whether electric bikes can offer a full workout for people who don't do much exercise. To do this, 20 test subjects were asked to ride an e-bike for 40 minutes at least three times a week for a month. The requirement was that the study participants use pedelecs, i.e. e-bikes that do not drive themselves. The speed should be chosen according to individual well-being. A health check was carried out on all test subjects in advance.
The result? All participants adhered to the time limit and most even sat on the bike for up to 50 percent longer than required. The intensity was also high. The average pulse was 75 percent of the respective maximum limit. And each and every one of them had significantly better fitness and health scores at the final health check. The motivation to exercise more often and for longer periods increased among all study participants.

Easy Rider

Research teams have also found that Pedelec owners use their electric bike 60 percent more than a bicycle. Why? Thanks to the technical support, headwinds, longer distances, inclines, etc. are no longer a deterrent and the radius of action increases without bikers having to push themselves to their limits. What e-bike riders save in terms of energy compared to cyclists, they compensate for by longer distances, more frequent and faster riding, and more meters of altitude covered.
All in all, this results in a significant training effect and is perfect for building your fitness and muscle. With Geero e-bikes you have the additional advantage that you don't feel any resistance when you deactivate the motor. In so-called “freewheeling” it feels like you are riding a bicycle. Or to put it another way: You can use your Geero e-bike as sports equipment and when the power drops, you switch on the motor and can take it more comfortably.

Fit and healthy, in tune with the times

With an e-bike you can get your cardiovascular system healthy and, even if you're returning to exercise, you can always keep an eye on your physical stress. Although your blood pressure rises while e-biking, in the long term it drops to a lower level than if you don't do any exercise at all. The result? You protect your heart because it has to fight against less resistance. Driving regularly trains your heart muscle and supplies it with better blood flow. You prevent heart and vascular diseases. And very important: Even if you have existing heart disease, endurance sports can be recommended, as you can control your personal load so precisely with your Geero e-bike. Of course, you should consult your medical professional in advance.

Nothing and no one brings you to your knees

Our knee joints have to endure a lot in life. Excess weight, lack of exercise, but also the wrong strain during sport cause damaged joints. Our knee joints are not a rigid connection between the upper and lower leg bones, but resemble a complex hinge in which the bones that meet can move with and against each other. This is why, for example, standing for long periods of time is just as stressful for your knee as hard ground. Even when running, the knee does not move in a fixed path, but can swing sideways. Cycling is one of the most knee-friendly endurance sports. By pedalling in a fixed path, the knee cannot be twisted. Therefore, cycling is healthier and less painful than normal walking, even after knee surgery. Your Geero e-bike is also ideal for rehab after joint surgery, as your knee can be immediately relieved if problems arise while riding.

Goodbye pain!

Back pain? The main causes for this are incorrect or one-sided strain and too little exercise. If you put an incorrect strain on your back, you won't do your intervertebral discs any good. This is because the intervertebral discs change so much that they can no longer compensate for impacts on the spine. If you ride your Geero e-bike in a back-friendly way, you will strengthen your back and can even banish back problems from your life completely. Because when biking, your muscle groups along the spine are trained and the spring effect of your intervertebral discs is maintained.

This way you won't run out of air

Exercise strengthens lung function and, when done correctly, exercise can also reduce asthma problems. That's why asthmatics are now strongly recommended to do sports. But it depends on the right choice of sport. Running and jogging, for example, can provoke asthma because these sports expose the respiratory tract to particularly cold air. Swimming or cycling, on the other hand, are less likely to trigger the typical asthma symptoms and are also ideal for getting back into exercise. If you are an asthmatic and are travelling on your Geero e-bike, you have the great advantage that you can switch on the motor and immediately reduce the strain on your lungs and circulation.

Let the pounds melt away

Lose weight without the yo-yo effect and the agony of doing without too much? Yes that works. Regular, moderate exercise helps you reduce excess kilos and is more successful and healthier than any miracle diet. The magic word here is motivation. It is crucial for losing weight. An e-bike is a huge motivator. Just half an hour of quiet cycling every day will help you build muscle and reduce your weight slowly and sustainably. Stress-free and without a guilty conscience. If you need more support at the beginning, just switch on the motor of your Geero e-bike more often. With more fitness you also rely more on your own muscle strength. And the best part? The motivation is not lost because it is fun and the successes become more and more evident with each ride. By the way, sports scientists assume a consumption of 300 calories per hour of riding an e-bike.

Ready to take action?

If you're now in the mood to go on tour with an e-bike to give your fitness and health an upgrade: Geero e-bikes score points with their longevity, easy operation and robustness, among other things. One of the many other advantages of the Geero e-bike is that you can't see the "E" on it. It impresses with its puristic design with a hidden battery. Even the engine is so quiet that you can't hear it. It is of course important to choose the right model for you carefully in order to benefit from all the advantages of the e-bike. At Geero you have the opportunity to find out more online or in person. Test drives are also possible.