Low Step: Ease in everyday life

Low Step: Ease in everyday life

Cycling like before, only today? Effortless, safe and in tune with the times? Geero e-bikes enable exactly that and therefore a free and self-determined life. If you are looking for more exercise, a meaningful leisure activity or a new hobby, or simply for more joy, serenity and spontaneity in everyday life - then you should take a look at the Geero e-bikes with a comfort frame, i.e. with a low step.
Want to quickly go into town, visit a group of friends in the neighbouring town? Or to the beach? Yes, that is also possible, because Geero e-bikes are also ideal for holidays due to their nature. You see possibilities upon possibilities.

What added value do Geero e-bikes with a low step offer? What should you pay attention to? What should you know? We will now summarise the most important benefits.

Unrestricted mobility

The biggest advantage of e-bikes is in the name. The “E” stands for “Electric” and this refers to electric motor support. Others also like to call it the “key to freedom and independence”. Because no route is too long, too difficult or too hilly. If you need support, simply switch on the motor. Thanks to the integrated freewheel, you can also use your Geero e-bike like a conventional bike, without any resistance. Whether for shopping, excursions or to the restaurant: the Geero e-bike with low entry is suitable for every occasion 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Practical features

Nobody will hear you coming from far away. Because Geero e-bikes have such a quiet motor that you can't even hear a whirring sound. The battery is hidden and easily removable. So you don't have to transport the entire bike to the nearest socket. Charging the battery is not a challenge either.

Everyday ease

Geero e-bikes generally score points with their light weight. The advantages of this are obvious: no laborious driving and manoeuvring. No sweaty lugging - to your bike parking space or into the bike cellar, or when getting it out. No hassle when storing it in the car. This also makes transport to your holiday destination easier.

Chic comfort

Geero e-bikes stand for high-quality, environmentally friendly production, packaged in a puristic, unobtrusive retro design. The Geero models have already received several awards, not least for their look. You can't tell that Geero e-bikes are electric bikes. The saddle and handles impress with their comfort and ergonomic design. This means you can still sit comfortably on the bike even on longer rides.

Easy handling

Geero e-bikes not only look like the eye-catching bikes of yesteryear but they are also so easy to use. Despite the latest technology, no app is required to start driving. The display also impresses with its focus on the essentials and is therefore easy to use. The OLED display has been new to the range since autumn 2021. It can do everything the standard display can do. But it is even easier to use, brighter, larger and therefore easier to read.

Practical security

With Geero e-bikes you can travel safely even in the evening. True to the motto: see and be seen. Thanks to the permanently installed lighting system (rear and front) with reflectors on the tires and in the spokes. The lighting system is powered by the battery and the light is effortlessly operated via the display. Geero e-bikes also have disc brakes. This means shorter braking distances and good braking effect even in wet conditions. The mounted mudguards expand your scope of action and make it easy to run short errands, even in wind and weather.

Stay vital

Users report that when they ride their Geero e-bike they don't realise that they are doing something for their health and fitness. Why? Because biking is simply fun. Knee and back problems or asthma do not pose an obstacle to driving pleasure. On the contrary, regular cycling is generally one of the healthiest endurance sports of all. The low step on Geero e-bikes offers the additional comfort that people with hip problems, for example, can easily get on the bike or get off more easily at traffic lights.

Custom-fit additional equipment

Would you like to transport shopping with your Geero e-bike? Bicycle baskets and bags can be easily mounted on your Geero e-bike. Do you need additional accessories? A bicycle lock, equipment for cleaning and care, spare parts? You don't have to go to different specialist stores, you can get everything in one place at Geero.

Be well informed before purchasing an e-bike

With e-bikes, as with larger purchases in general, it is advisable to exercise care when purchasing. Many a bargain turned out to be a bad investment or was not optimally tailored to the individual needs of the customer due to a hasty purchase. It also happens that some e-bikes are not suitable for road traffic. Sad fact because it is also dangerous. It should be mentioned here: Every Geero e-bike is compliant with the Austrian StVO.
In any case, only specialist retailers can offer safety and quality when purchasing. At Geero you have the opportunity to find out more detailed information online or in person: directly on our homepage, or live in the Graz e-bike store.

Test drive without any problems

Would you like to see for yourself personally? Arrange a test ride and see for yourself the many advantages of the Geero retro bikes with a low step. Test drives are possible in your area, both in Austria and Germany.

Reliable delivery

Handshake quality is important to Geero as a corporate value. Likewise, proactive and prudent action. That's why even a pandemic can't stop the delivery of Geero e-bikes. Your ordered model will be delivered directly to your home within the specified time.
You can have your Geero e-bike with a low step delivered fully assembled to your door for an additional charge of 99 euros. This service only applies within Austria.

Or you can do it yourself. This video shows you how simple and uncomplicated the assembly is.

We're here to help

If you have any problems with your Geero e-bike, call customer support straight away. At Geero, someone is always there for you and responds promptly. Does your Geero need service or a small repair? No problem either! In Austria, contact the Geero E-Bike Store in Graz directly.

There is also the Bikerepair service for all classic “bicycle ailments” (brakes, gears, tires, etc.).
Here you can find bicycle repair shops near you where you can book a service appointment.

However, if your Geero e-bike has a defect that affects the motor, battery or electronics, please contact Geero directly so that a solution can be found together.

In Germany, we work with our official Geero partner Yeply, who is the contact point for services.
Yeply is a mobile bicycle workshop that carries out small repairs or service on your Geero e-bike directly at your location.

You can find all the details about service and repairs on our homepage in the “ What you need to know ” section.