Your Geero E-Bike and you in winter

Your Geero E-Bike and you in winter

Admittedly, in spring and summer, it is more pleasant to get from A to B with an E-Bike. With the right preparation, your Geero is a practical means of transport that is a lot of fun to drive, even in winter. In addition, exercise in the fresh air promotes your health and strengthens the immune system. But: If you send your e-bike into hibernation, you don't have to feel guilty. The only thing to consider is proper storage and care.

1) Storage – Resting does not mean rusting

Before you give your Geero a winter break, we recommend a service. At Geero directly, at a service partner or in a specialist workshop. Why? Here, attachments such as the chain, frame and sprockets are professionally cleaned, screws are tightened, the chain is lubricated and more. Careful care prevents long-term rust damage. Your other advantages? You don't have to do it yourself. In addition, the ageing process of your E-Bike is curbed and you can start the spring season again after the winter.

2) Battery Storage – Temperature matters

Who likes cold? Not your Geero battery. Specifically, we are talking about temperatures below five degrees Celsius. The colder it gets, the more power your E-Bike's battery cells can lose. If you are the proud owner of a Geero 1 where the battery is not removable, you should store your e-bike indoors or at room temperature during the winter months. The same applies to Geero 2 models, where the battery can easily be removed. You can of course store the E-Bike itself in a carport, bicycle cellar or similar and also protect it with a cover. Professional tip: Remove moisture from your E-Bike at regular intervals when it is parked outside. Keyword: Rust formation.

3) Battery charge – Sometimes less is more

You don't always have to be at your limit and give 100 percent. Neither will your Geero battery if you don't use your E-Bike for a long time or put it away for the winter. The following applies to Geero 1 and Geero 2: A battery charge of around 50 percent is optimal in winter. To do this, charge your battery for around half an hour every two to three weeks.

4) Battery range – It’s all a question of distance

The range of your E-Bike battery will be reduced in winter compared to spring and summer. There is a simple reason for this: the battery cells no longer work to their full capacity in the cold season. For example, is a trip to work in your Geero worth it? Naturally. Just make sure your E-Bike isn't left outside all day long. If so, take the battery out and take it somewhere warm.

5) Winter driving – Well-maintained is half the battle

There are always two sides of a coin. This also applies to road salt in winter. Advantage: It thaws snow and ice surfaces. Disadvantage: Among other things, it attacks the attachments of E-Bikes. Consequence? Rust formation. The good news: You can counteract this successfully and with inexpensive means. Clean your Geero regularly or depending on the level of use and remove salt and other weather-related dirt. By the way, high-pressure cleaners are not suitable for this. You can get suitable care products in retail stores and also at Geero. For the product and its easy application click here.

The big advantage of this care product is that it is equally suitable for the frame - yes, it should also be “desalinated” regularly - as well as for cleaning the chain.

6) Tires – Take the pressure out

Mud and leaves, freezing temperatures and slippery conditions, rain and snow can increase the risk of problems. You should therefore pay extra attention when driving and starting.

Professional tip: Choose the tire pressure slightly lower than, for example, in summer, this increases the contact surface of the rubber on the road.

7) Light – Seeing and being seen

Good visibility is the be-all and end-all for driving safety – for yourself and others. If you regularly clean your headlights and reflectors, you will ensure good luminosity on your E-Bike. The winter days are short and dusk can quickly overtake you while driving.

Good to know: Geero models without a permanently installed lighting system can easily be equipped with high-quality plug-in lights, such as the Sigma Sport light set AURA 30+ Curve.

8) Outfit choice – Play it safe

Statistically speaking, the majority of traffic accidents involving cyclists occur at dusk or in the dark. This is not scaremongering, but a sad fact. The choice of your outfit therefore plays a crucial role. Reflective clothing increases your visibility and therefore safety. Of course, wearing a bicycle helmet is also important. By the way, Geero also offers helmets with integrated lights, the Aduro 2.0 from the Abus brand.

Especially in winter, the onion look, i.e. several layers of clothing, with the first layer in particular being breathable, as well as gloves and a hat are a must.

9) Lock – This works like clockwork

Do you want to lock your E-Bike but it just doesn't work? Regardless of whether it is a lock with a key or a combination lock: one reason for this could be the aforementioned road salt that has encrusted your security lock. Penetrating oil such as “WD-40”, which you can easily, quickly and easily spray into the cylinder lock, can help. Used regularly, it is a long-term frustration killer.